November 18th - At Sea to South Georgia

We had breakfast with Emily and Jim Thurber, retired diplomats from California and very pleasant  interesting people. We then had a lecture from Juan from Colombia on how the earth was formed. Up on deck, fore and aft, we could see many Cape Petrels and black-browed albatross. Some people on the front of the ship saw whales, but they quickly disappeared.

We met Miranda and Richard from the Falklands who have joined us to travel to South Georgia. Richard is involved with the South Georgian Government and was going to address us all later. We had lunch with some of the expedition crew - Robin West, Jarda, Robin Aiello and Juan - after sitting out on deck in the sunshine.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we were able to go outside without coats. We continued to be surrounded by birds, plus one dolphin!

Man overboard?

After tea with Foster and Jane, we had an amusing briefing session, where we discovered we will be leaving the ship at 5am when we arrive at South Georgia, in order to make the most of our time there! We will therefore try to have an easy day tomorrow. We had fun at dinner with Steve, Mary, Pauline and Peter and then went up on deck to look at the stars.

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