November 23rd - At sea to Elephant Island

We arrived at South Orkneys after another rough night. We were not able to get close to Monroe Island because of the conditions, and so we headed for Shingle Cove on Coronation Island. 


Here it was still too rough with the ship turning around and dragging the anchor. The Captain declared a landing impossible, so they arranged for a lecture by Robin Aiello on her Antarctic adventures to be brought forward. It was very amusing and informative. Chris's talk on penguins was interrupted by a ceiling panel falling down on a passenger, who escaped unhurt. 

Everything onboard was being shaken around. Tim was still feeling unwell, so we had lunch in our suite and had a rest until Victoria's lecture on Amundsen and Scott, which I went to while Tim stayed in the cabin. The talk lasted an hour and a quarter, but it was very good.

Whenever we looked outside we saw huge icebergs. Many were beautifully sculptured by the wind and the waves.

At the briefing, Robin told us about the plans for tomorrow. We are hoping to land on Elephant Island, where Shackleton's men were left waiting for his return, but, if the weather is bad, we will have to head for the Antarctic Peninsula! We had a pleasant dinner with Steve and Mary, but it was still quite rough, with a lot of rolling around up in the restaurant. There was a "Call My Bluff"-type game called "Liars' Club" in the Panorama Lounge, but we decided on an early night.

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