November 28th - Drake Passage

We slept quite well, in spite off being nervous of the rough seas to come. So far, so good. We had lectures, beginning with Chris on albatrosses, which was good, and then Robin West gave a talk about the Prince Albert II and the refurbishment, which was entertaining. We had lunch with Foster and Jane.

Glorious weather in the Drake Passage and a time to relax after all the exertions of the Zodiac expeditions of the past few days.


The final lecture of the day was Robin Aiello on "Living in Sub-Zero Waters". We then attended the Captain's Farewell Cocktail Party, where he introduced many of the staff - housekeeping, including Jane, who looked after us, kitchen workers and AB's (able-bodied seamen), who had taken such good care of us all, especially in assisting us to board the Zodiacs and return safely to the ship. We had dinner with Jane, Foster, Jackie and Mansell, then went up to the Panorama Lounge for coffee with Mary and Steve. Adam played the piano and sang, and many of the passengers and expedition crew came in. We all enjoyed the evening.

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