November 22nd - At sea to Elephant Island

We had a bad night because of the rough seas, but we managed to sleep enough on and off. A view out of our cabin window of the stormy seas.

We had a very interesting lecture on whales and dolphins from Rob, but were interrupted twice by Robin West from the bridge, telling us that whales could be seen. We all rushed out and could see blowing, then I saw the back of what Rob thought was a fin whale. The second time, we could see lots of dark shapes and blowing in the water.

Tim attended Gennady's talk on the Ozone Layer, but I chose to have a shower and a rest. After lunch, we had a lecture from Juan on glaciers, followed by a long, involved but interesting talk by Victoria on Otto Nordenskjold - a tale of coincidence and exploration.

Tomorrow we arrive at the South Orkneys, but Robin West told us during the briefing that, because of the unreliable weather, we will have to decide on the day's activities as we go. We had a quick walk on deck in 1 or 2 degrees C. It was wet but it didn't feel too cold.

There was a Venetian Club cocktail party for regular Silversea customers, followed by dinner where we sat with Pauline and Peter.

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